Libya: Civil War About to Get Real Hot! Another Russia/NATO Proxy War!

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Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2019

Khalifa Haftar was a tribal leader of the Farjani tribe who fought in Chad and as a mercenary in other places in Africa. While in Libya, he became a mutinous general under Gaddafi, became a CIA asset, ran away from Libya and then got dropped back into the action during the events surrounding the Gaddafi overthrow. Haftar became one of the key commanders of the rebel forces and NATO put him in charge of the Libyan Armed Forces.

Since then, the country has fallen to pieces. There are various militia groups fighting for control of the oil and the Benghazi/Tripoli split of the country is still a thing. Haftar has made a lot of progress in consolidating key territory though. He must think that he can win this thing finally if he’s making his final push on Tripoli.

The Guardian:

A warplane has attacked the only functioning airport in Tripoli as fighting between forces loyal to the Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar and rival militias escalated and EU foreign ministers met in Brussels to try to de-escalate the violence.
Mitiga airport, in an eastern suburb of the capital, was closed after it was hit in an airstrike by pro-Haftar forces. Passengers could be seen leaving the terminal, a Reuters correspondent at the airport said. Fighting was also under way at Tripoli’s international airport, 15 miles from the city centre, which has not been functioning since fighting destroyed much of it in 2014.

The UN said 2,800 people had been displaced in an upsurge in violence that broke out after Haftar ordered fighters in his self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA), to march on the capital on Thursday.

Pay attention to the language. “Libyan warlord” and “self-styled Libyan National Army” indicate that something’s gone wrong here. This is not the kind of language that the CIAniggers and MI6 use to describe their own assets.

Has something gone wrong? Has Haftar gone rogue? The Western press seems decidedly pro-Tripoli and anti-Haftar.

Meanwhile, the Russians seem to be leaning pro-Haftar now.

A UK-led move to pass a security council statement condemning Haftar at the UN in New York on Sunday was blocked by Russia, which insisted all sides should be urged to show restraint. The UK draft would also have called “for those who undermine Libya’s peace and security to be held to account” and renewed support for a national conference to be held this month on holding elections.

And the usual Neocon shills are now anti-Haftar.

In the wake of the Russian veto, the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, issued a statement identifying Haftar as the source of the problem.

“We have made clear that we oppose the military offensive by Khalifa Haftar’s forces and urge the immediate halt to these military operations against the Libyan capital,” Pompeo said. “Forces should return to status quo ante positions.”

The unrest in Libya deepened at the weekend after the government in Tripoli said it would launch a counter-attack against Haftar’s forces. The UN envoy for Libya, Ghassan Salame, said he met with Sarraj on Monday to discuss how the UN mission “can assist at this critical and difficult juncture”.

They’re talking about possibly intervening in Libya against Haftar.

Which, despite his participation in the anti-Gaddafi NATO war, Haftar has since been fighting the Mujahadeen-style Islamist militias.

You can just tell by his appearance that he fits more into the “Arab strongman” mold than the bearded jihadi mold.

That’s probably the issue here. The US is in bed with Jihadis, and prefers Libya be in a state of permanent war and turmoil and a transit country for migrants into Europe instead of consolidated by another military dictator.


Does it mean Gaddafi’s Green Libya is coming back?

A ‘dictator’ works well for non white nations.

Gaddafi used the revenue generated from the oil to build his own country.


The remaining Gaddafis are supporting Tobruk as well. Haftar granted Saif Gaddafi (Gaddafi’s oldest surviving son, the one who had his fingers cut off) political amnesty a few years ago in return for his support, instead of turning him over to the ICC.


I communicate regularly with a Libyan in the Tripoli area. It sounds like they’re fed up with the current government and are hoping that Haftar will restore order.

I’m not sure I believe anything the news puts out though, seeing as Haftar was at Langley for over a decade.


Godspeed, General!

I don’t think most of these arab strongman are ideologically on board with globo-homo. no matter how much time they spend working with the us. most likely haftar has a new backer like Russia or Iran, or hes gotten a taste of power and wants more.


And a Stateless country could do far less against Israel too.

Anytime there’s a Libya thread, I always like to post the Caravan to Midnight interview with James and Joanne Moriarty, an American couple with long experience working in Libya. The Moriartys got caught inside the country during the fighting, and describe their adventures getting out, and their insights regarding the shenanigans that brought down the Gaddafi regime. They also talk a lot about what Libya was like under Gaddafi’s leadership–basically they testify it was an extremely wealthy and well-run country, and Gaddafi seemed to have done an outstanding job actually looking after his own people’s welfare. The interview is well worth the two hour listen.

We are whistleblowers as eye witnesses to the war crimes committed in Libya by Hillary Clinton. We are the official spokespersons for the tribes of Libya and have given actionable intelligence on the ground in Libya to the DIA who agent (Eric Maddox) was in our home many times. We have also had the FBI and CIA in our home (the CIA was brought into our home by Glenn Becks production company “The Blaze”) The CIA lady told us if we did not shut up about Libya we would have no life, at that point we went public. We brought back from Libya with us, 2 Gb of proof of the war crimes committed by Clinton and her NATO partners. We have proof that the Libyan war was started by a lie and was a false flag. We also know that Clinton and Obama have been supplying the terrorists in Libya with arms, money and mercenaries since 2011. We stay in touch daily with the tribes of Libya.


Mother fucking great !

Drumpf gonna make Libya great again too! Take that Obama and eurotrashes!

Probably France’s fault that Democracy failed. Well kinda ^^

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